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Helen Bryer

Mindset and Life Coach

Hi, I'm Helen!

I'm so glad you're here. 


I was a HUGE people-pleaser. As far back as my primary school years, I can remember situations in which I felt completely torn. Torn between what I wanted or what I believed in, and what I thought was expected of me.  


I remember excruciating dilemmas in my mind and, even back then, doing everything I possibly could to fit in and avoid upsetting or disappointing people. Being myself and making mistakes both just felt totally unsafe.

I’m not that person anymore and I can't even begin to tell you how much more peaceful and free life is. And that’s what I want for you, too!

None of us are perfect, but I SO strongly believe that we all deserve to live a live in which we feel fulfilled, confident and truly alive.


I'm so excited that you've found your way here and if, like me, people-pleasing and perfectionism has been holding you back, let's make 2024 the year you release those patterns!


April 2024 

Have you downloaded my free 'Tapping for People-pleasing' video yet? Such a great place to start if you're on the journey of releasing your people-pleasing patterns! 


If you love a podcast (I don't think I'll ever bore of them - the perfect accompaniment on my dog walks or when I'm cleaning), have a listen to my Not Perfect But Thriving podcast! I'm over 20 episodes in so far (adding more every week) and so enjoying it!


Otherwise you can follow me on Instagram or Facebook for all things people-pleasing and perfectionism, as well as a bit of mama life.


Coaching on People-pleasing & Perfectionism

It’s SO stressful, isn’t it? Life, I mean.

When you can feel the ever so subtle shift of the atmosphere in the room and immediately feel responsible for lightening the mood.

When you can sense conflict coming (whether it involves you or not) and just the thought of the awkwardness and discomfort of a disagreement leaves you wanting to crawl into a hole to avoid it.

When you’re trying your hardest, but you never feel like you can do or be enough and it seems like you’re constantly feeling guilty for letting someone down.

When people around you are having a hard time and you can’t help yourself wanting to desperately ‘fix’ things for them.

People-pleasing can affect every single area of life: How you feel at work, how you feel in your relationships and friendships, your parenting, your habits and how you care for yourself day to day.

If you relate, maybe you've also been wondering whether there's more to life than this? Does it ever get to be easy? Could life be less exhausting? 

And so let me tell you that it’s absolutely possible to live a life in which, overall, you feel more peace and joy.

A life in which you:

  • Feel grounded in your own truth: your experience, your feelings, your values and beliefs

  • Can regulate your feelings and your nervous system so you can show up empathetically in relationships without taking responsibility for other people’s feelings

  • Feel safe to be yourself

  • Know that your needs are valid, so you dare to ask for what you need and can set appropriate boundaries.

  • Are following your own dreams and passions, because you're no longer sacrificing your own needs


… and then watch that ripple effect spread to every area of your life!

Because these changes are POWERFUL. Be prepared for side effects like connecting back to your dreams and goals, daring to try something new, gaining confidence in your dating life or your relationship and deepening your relationships - how exciting is that?

I’m not talking about a magical fix whereby you will never second guess, never doubt, never have an insecure moment again…


But I now have an accessible, varied and fun toolkit to support me and, most importantly, people-pleasing and perfectionism no longer run my life!

If you're ready to find out what's possible for you, book a free discovery call or drop me an e-mail - I am SO excited to hear from you. 

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Contact Me

If you already know that you want to work together, let's chat!

If you have any questions, drop me a message below and I'll be in touch as soon as possible!

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"I've already told friends about my experience and I've said it's brilliant for people who struggle to make sense of all their thoughts. It's like having someone go through all the files in your brain and putting them in order again."

Jen, mum of one, hairdresser and business owner

"Coaching helped me think about my values and a job that is more suited to me. I feel excited thinking about what the next stage of my career could be after maternity leave. It's also helped me with guilt I felt about taking time off work to focus on me."

Katie, soon-to-be mum of two and researcher

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